The YouFra National Fraternity is animated and guided by the National council. 


YouFra of Croatia meets once a year: in summer (national seminar for the responsible for the formation), and according to the possibilities, National Council organizes National meeting.


  • number of regions: 6 (of which three regions are formed and three are emerging regions)
  • number of YouFra members: a total of 1,073 brothers nationwide (of which 525 are in initiation stage, 298 brothers and sisters are in the stage of formation for the promise in the YouFra and 250 made promises)


  • National president: Luis Miguel Campos Herrera (OFS)
  • National vice president: Chuco Ronald Acevedo (Novice OFS)
  • National treasurer: Susie Gomez Iglesias
  • Responsible for formation: Luis Isidro Keneddy Polonio (OFS)
  • National Secretary: Adriana Zapata Leiva
  • Vocation Promoter: Humberto Otghioch Olson
  • International Delegate: Luis Campos
  • National Mutual Relations OFS-YouFra: Martin Bobadilla Cuneo (OFS)
  • National Assistant: fr. Jose Ladera, OFMCap