The National Council meets five times a year to prepare the National Assembly and the National Meeting. The Council makes fraternal visits to YouFra fraternities and prepares training documents for liturgical time (Advent, Lent and Easter). 


Spanish YouFra has 2 meetings on national level: National Assembly in the last weekend of September, and National Meeting on the weekend closest to the fest of St. John, because in some provinces is festive and thus facilitates the presence of YouFra members.


  • number of regions: 1
  • number of fraternities: 3 established, 8 emerging


  • president: Víctor Martínez
  • vice-president: Patricia Torres
  • secretary: Marta Barroso
  • responsible for the formation: Ramiro Peralta
  • treasurer: Lucía Román• international delegate: Gonzalo Muñoz
  • councillor for social activity: Eduardo Aroca• councillor for vocation: María Pín
  • national assistants: Fr. Salva Jiménez , OFM, Fr. Miguel Ángel Marcos, OFMConv, Fr. Inocencio Egido, OFMCap, Fr. Pedro Vallespín Escandell, TOR
  • fraternal animator: Clotilde Toro Galbarro, OFS 


Gonzalo Muñoz