On the national level Madagascar’s Youfra has a National Office guided by national president and national vicepresidents that are at the same time regional presidents. The national president and the treasurer are elected during the National Chapter or National Congress for the three year term.The National Office is in charge of: • current activities of Youfra on national level • the preparation of meetings • the visitations and the animation of regional and local fraternities • the communication with the OFS and CIOFS.

Unlike the OFS fraternity that counts with the spiritual assistance of two friars, Franciscan youth has not an assistant appointed.


National Council’s meetings are held once a year in order to evaluate the work that has been done and to start with the following year. The National Chapter or Congress is held every three years. There are visitations to each region once a year that provide occasion for the meeting of all the members and a formation program. There is also a meeting for the planning of the formation program.


  • number of regional fraternities: 3 (Northern, Central, Southern)
  • number of local fraternities: 63 (25 in the North, 9 in the South and 29 in the Central Region)


  • president: HOUAHOUA Désiré 
  • vicepresident: RAKOTONIAINA Alain, Andry, Gladys 
  • secretary: MAMIRATRASOA Joelline Ange Vonjinaina 
  • treasurer: RABENIARY Edouardine 
  • responsible for the formation: RAMAROSOA Jean Debrunot, MORATOMBO Ezra Ibrahim 
  • responsible for the communication: RAKOTOARISOA Soloniaina Harifetra, RAMAROSOA Jean Debrunot 
  • delegate to the National OFS Council: BAOZARA Nalinah