Celebration 800 years Memoriale Propositi

Dear brothers and sisters from the whole world!

It is with great joy that we announce the celebration we are having this year of the “800 years of the Memoriale Propositi (1221-2021)”. On the Memoriale we find details of the many aspects of  the fraternal life; how to embrace those who ask to be part of the fraternity, details about the profession…

We find in this Document, the spiritual life of the penitential movement of those first brothers and sisters who followed St. Francis way of life, which may be synthesized as follows:

  • Penitential life: fasting, works of mercy, prayer life.
  • Life in fraternity: live human values, caring for people, bring family to the fraternity and be carriers to brothers and sisters of the peace and good.

We may confirm that this Document was inspirational at the beginning of our way of life, for  this reason, we are celebrating as an Order, 800 years of its promulgation. We are also sharing this celebration with our dear brothers and sisters from the TOR (Third Order Regular).

We encourage our fraternities to deepen in the knowledge of our history, so we may strengthen even more the values of our Order which keep alive throughout the centuries. Getting to know our history is a powerful ground to build up today’s history, which challenges us to make life our Rule and our GGCC.  

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