Felix Chocojay

1st Contribution of formation material Memoriale Propositi

1221-2021. 800 YEARS FROM PROCESSING OF THE MEMORIALE PROPOSITI HISTORICAL FRAMEWORK The age of St. Francis (1182-1226) is included in the vast phenomenon of social, economic and religious renewal and rebirth that runs through the XI-XIII centuries, during which the feudal society enters into crisis and slowly a new order is formed, more communal and …

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Christmas Card

Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus! To all YouFra members around the World Far from the spotlight, decorated trees, streets and squares, Jesus was born in a small stable without much fuss. He came into the world as a small baby, so fragile and dependent on his parents, and yet,  no night has been as magnificent, and no …

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The Pardon of Assisi

THE INDULGENCE OF THE PORZIUNCOLA On August 2nd, we celebrate the Indulgence of the Porziuncola also known as the pardon of Assisi. What does this mean? How did it begin? And how important is it for us today? On August 2nd, the anniversary of the consecration of the Church of Our Lady of the Angels, …

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