Secular Franciscan Leadership


Every generation has its challenges. Today we, all over the world, are fighting with covid. The pandemic puts into test our personal as well as institutional spirituality. In this new Easter season the Lord invites us not to lose hope, to maintain peace and trust. This is fundamental in the face of such an invasive reality that we feel in all areas of our daily lives. This reality affects all our relationships, at home with our loved ones, in the neighbourhood, on the streets, in politics, at work, etc… The risen Christ calls us to empower the best of ourselves and of our institutions to serve with joy and to maintain trust in God and in humanity. 

The OFS is spread throughout the world with brothers and sisters meeting regularly in the name of the Lord since almost eight hundred years. It has goals to achieve and a call to respond within the Church. Thus, the Secular Franciscan leadership is called to animate and guide the fraternities to live in each time and context the Franciscan spirit as lay people inserted in their parish and national community.


Fr. Hernán Eguzquiza TOR

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