Fundraising for OFS members in Beirut

As I am sure you already know, Lebanon is going through a major political and economic crisis that has brought the whole country to its knees. 

To aggravate this already tragic situation, on August 4 at 6.08 p.m., there was a devastating explosion of 2700 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate in the port area of Beirut, which caused 200 deaths, more than 7000 injured and the destruction of everything within a radius of 10 Km. The estimates of the competent authorities say 300,000 citizens of Beirut had their houses destroyed or damaged. Among these, were some OFS families

As such, in a gesture of fraternal solidarity, we invite you to consider the possibility of sending a contribution that should help these our brothers and sisters to repair their homes, regain the serenity and security that one’s home alone can give.

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