Worldwide day of prayer OFS & YouFra 2020

Prayer has become more significant in our life. This is precisely why, in the name of the CIOFS Presidency, I am encouraging all of you to join in the following day of prayer. Once again, this will make us closer to one another, while confirming the strength of prayer and the contemplative aspect of our life. For this, I announce a worldwide day of prayer for the Secular Franciscan Order and the Franciscan Youth on Sunday, November 29th 2020 in order to have a new start at beginning of the first day of the new ecclesial year, which is the 1 st Sunday of Advent and the Feast of all the Saints of the Seraphic Family, asking the intercession of the Franciscan saints. I invite each and every secular Franciscan sister and brother and the YouFra members to join with praying that day the Seraphic Rosary (Franciscan Crown).

Your minor brother

Tibor Kauser 

CIOFS Minister General 


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