Christmas Card

Come, Lord Jesus!

To all YouFra members around the World

Far from the spotlight, decorated trees, streets and squares, Jesus was born in a small stable without much fuss. He came into the world as a small baby, so fragile and dependent on his parents, and yet,  no night has been as magnificent, and no night has brought so much love, humility, and joy as that  night. 

Just as it was more than 2,000 years ago, this Advent and Christmas are different. The difference for each one of us is that without as many lights, crowds and outside glitter, we have an opportunity to be closer to our families, and closer to Jesus in the little stable of Bethlehem. However, for many families, this year will be cold, the food on the tables will not be as plentiful, yet we believe the presence of Jesus in our hearts will provide a special warmth.

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